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The Flamboo cup

The Flamboo cup is a cup of the highest quality bamboo on the market. Healthy, environmentally conscious and luxurious, that is this modern, refillable cup from Flamboo. Handy for work, sports or leisure. The Flamboo cup is made of high quality glass and bamboo to make drinking comfort for (hot) drinks optimal. The Flamboo cup contains no BPA or softeners and is 100% leakproof! The size of the Flamboo cup is 450ml.


You have an extremely important appointment with a client, boss or even a possible future partner. Because you’re thirsty, you take your cup out of your bag. It's up to you whether this is a plastic cup or a luxurious bamboo cup from Flamboo. What kind of feeling do you want to radiate to the other person?


The Flamboo cup is not only because of the materials used, but also because you always know how much water is in your cup. You also help to reduce disposable plastic. That's Flamboo.